Tidy Up

Welcome to Hyperbolic Software

20 years of experience: Hyperbolic Software, the competence at your service

For 20 years Hyperbolic Software has produced acclaimed Mac utilities such as Tidy Up, Quick Print, MacGizmo and Smart Trash.

We developed our first duplicate finder Doublet Scan in 1996, on Classic Mac OS. Through the years we exploited the acquired experience to create new products and improve them to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Our Products

  • Tidy Up-icon

    Tidy Up

    Tidy Up finds duplicate files on Mac.
    A must-have for expert users.
  • Quick Print-icon

    Quick Print

    Quick Print is a handy utility
    that allows you to print
    in an incredibly easy way.
  • DupeZap-icon


    DupeZap is the easy way to
    search and remove duplicates
    that slow your Mac down.
  • Smart Trash-icon

    Smart Trash

    Smart Trash enhances the
    functions of the Mac OS X trash.
  • iTunes Dupes Barrier-icon

    iTunes Dupes Barrier

    Searches the duplicate songs
    inside the iTunes and iPod
    songs' databases.
  • MacGizmo-icon


    Allows you to see the content
    and other useful information
    of an item directly from the Finder.